Successful rejuvenation is hard to spot and male faces have unique anatomic characteristics and require sophisticated approaches to achieve a natural and rugged look.

An increasing number of men are seeking discreet ways to look better with recent research showing that a youtful look can have a positive “halo” effect on men’s carreers and social life.

Dr Papageorgiou offers the latest trends in minimally invasive procedures and rejuvenating treatments, customised to the individual needs of male faces. Under his care and judicious use of a wide platform of anti-aging technology, subtle enhancements are sufficient to correct weak or unbalanced features and create a natural rejuvenating effect.


Bro-tox is a specialised technique for relaxing fine lines and wrinkles in men’s faces while retaining some ruggedness and animation. Bro-tox is generally quick and easy: it is often referred to as a ‘lunchtime procedure’, meaning that it can be scheduled during a lunch break or a free afternoon as it requires no downtime afterwards. Results are expected to last up to six months. 


Dr Papageorgiou combines the latest non-invasive innovations to redefine the male jawline and reduce the appearance of laxity in the lower face, chin and neck area. His customised technique combines:

1) ultrasound waves, a nonsurgical ultrasound treatment that lifts, tones and tightens loose skin in the deep muscles of the neck and lower face; 
2) Sculpsure, a noninvasive procedure for reducing fat below and around the chin and the neck areas for a more chiselled jawline; and 
3) hyaluronic gel structuring to add volume and definition on the jawline with an immediate effect. Upon completion of the two-hour treatment men can experience a more defined jawline with visible reduction of the fatty deposits under the neck, tightening of the neck, and reduction of cheek jowls.